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Did you know that in Greece:

9 out of 10 serious cases of child abuse receive no diagnosis, protection οr treatment?

What you can do

Learn how to protect your children from a sexual abuse incident that might occur.

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1st Hospital - Based Unit

Training Professionals

BHMA 500X300

Preventing Sexual Abuse

BHMA 500X300

Supporting vulnerable families

Awareness campaign

We strongly believe in the importance of prevention and education. That’s why we have created a communication campaign to raise awareness among the wider public and the media, consisting of 2 TV spots.

The first spot inspired by the game of hide-and-seek promotes the message that “A game is not always a game” while the second asks the question: “How long will you wait before you do something?

You can watch all οur videos on the official YouTube channel of ELIZA.

We change the life of children for the better

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children under the age of 5 suffer some form of abuse in Greece, every year.

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