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Children’s voices across borders!

Love and support have no boundaries. A really special group of children in the US raised their voices in support of the work of ELIZA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children,

Assuming the role of radio presenters, these three children, broadcasted a feature show on Ellas FM, dedicated to ELIZA’S initiatives for the protection of children suffering or running the risk of abuse in Greece. In this highly original way they communicated our work to over 1 million Greek households in the United States.

We, at ELIZA, thank the children and the people of Ellas FM for their amazing effort on our behalf and we  promise that together we can achieve even more towards a better future for children in need!  

Important research findings on child abuse in Europe and Greece presented by ELIZA on the “World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse”

On theBanner ELIZA_parnassos occasion of World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse (November 19th ) ELIZA hosted an event at the PARNASSOS Literary Society, with the purpose of presenting important research findings of the past 5 years regarding the phenomenon of child abuse in Europe and Greece.

According to data  presented   by Dr. Alexadra Soldatou – Pediatrician – Assistant Professor at the Athens Medical School, Athens General Children’s Hospital “P. & A. Kyriakou” –, children under 3 years of age run the greatest risk of serious injuries, with 70% of deaths resulting from abuse.


Seminar on Sandplay psychotherapeutic method organized by ELIZA

On September 1st 2015, under the guidance of Professor of Psychology Mary Raftopoulou, Specialist on the Sandplay Therapy  Method (ISST) ELIZA organized a unique for Greece seminar on Sandplay on  the premises of the ‘One Child, One World’ organization.

Sandplay is a recognized therapeutic method based on the psychotherapeutic theories of C.G. Jung, appropriate for children who have suffered abuse recently or in the past, as well as for children experiencing difficulties in their family life.

The seminar generated much  interest among people working in the field of child welfare  and brought together 29 delegates from the following 12 organizations: