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Greek volunteers help amid crisis

This article was first published in “Τhe Norwegian Business Daily” (13.08.2015 ).

While poverty is on the rise and the Greek government shrinking, many Greeks volunteer to help those in need.

Dough lumps go from hand to mouth and laughter resounds through the room on the ground floor of an an old neo-classical building in the heart of Athens a group of mothers and children are in the process of making Nigerian donuts. Some are immigrants others aren’t. They are here to have a break from a tough everyday life. It is not the government that helps them.

Music concert by IMAM BAILDI and Dimitra Galani for the children of the “Together for Children” Association


On September 28th, 2015, the popular music group “Ιmam Βaildi” with the participation of the famous singer Dimitra Galani and the music group “Carte Postale”, joined forces in a concert for the children of the Association “Together for Children”, at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

As a member of the “Together for Children” Association that embraces more than 10.000 children with its activities, ELIZA invited the audience to enjoy this unique concert & support its purpose.

The refreshed Imam Baildi, the charming and popular Dimitra Galani and the charismatic retro-pop group from the city of Patras Carte Postale,

We can support ELIZA at the most important events of our lives

The most significant moments in our lives can become a most wonderful act of giving to the ELIZA and to children in need. Wedding or christening ceremonies are a superb opportunity to make a donation instead of a gift, giving this fresh start in life all the meaning and symbolism that is inherent to an act of love and giving.

It is quite simple to do:

1. Let your guests know they can choose to make a donation, instead of a gift to you, to the cause of ELIZA-Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children –

19th November – World Day against Child Abuse

19th November – World Day against Child Abuse today, a very significant day to pass on our message against child abuse.

The main message of our new print campaign is that when a child is abused, our silence is fatal.

We can call anonymously the 115 25 helpline of the “Together for Children Association” with whom we work together, because in this way we help one more child to find support and help in our Society, something he/she urgently needs.