Music for ELIZA

On the 10th of May 2011, numerous friends of ELIZA came together once again at the “Parnassos” Concert Hall for a concert, where the Trio “OPUS I” along with three very talented young musicians, students of Dimitrios Semsis, played works by Beethoven, Chopin, Bottesini & Kroll in aid of “ELIZA”.

For the second consecutive year, the generous support of the members of the Trio “OPUS I”, Dimitrios Semsis/violin, Asterios Pouftis/cello & Yiannis Tsanakaliotis/piano, as well as the hospitality offered by the Parnassos Concert Hall, was one more gesture of love towards the children, who are in need of protection and care.

National Conference: “Child Abuse & Neglect. In search of scientific knowledge. The shock of reality. The return of the symbolic”

The National Conference: “Child Abuse and Neglect. In search of scientific knowledge. The shock of reality. The return of the symbolic” was organized by the Department of Mental Health and Social Care of the Child Health Institute, within the framework of the European research program: BECAN.

The National Conference highlighted current issues that have emerged from research, prevention, documentation and treatment of child abuse and neglect. At the same time, this gathering of the scientific and wider community explored the general phenomenon of aggressiveness and/or even violence against children in western societies, as well as in different social structures.

Seminar on Voluntarism: “The world is changing and we care”

According to the Decision taken on November 27th 0f 2009 by the Commission of the European Union, 2011 was designated as the “European Year of Volunteering”.

In Greece, almost the whole structure of Social Welfare has depended on private initiative and voluntary action.

However we wonder where that bloom of voluntarism, that characterised the Olympic Games in 2004, has now gone. Where are all those young volunteers, especially now that the financial recession has been causing so many urgent needs in our society?

Taking these questions and thoughts as a starting point, two prestigious organisations:

Presentation of the guide: “You are not born a parent; you become one”

On the 19th of November, World Day for the Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children, ELIZA organized an open event, at the Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music B&M Theocharaki, where the guidebook “You are not born a parent, you become one” -written by the pediatrician Helen Valassi-Adam, was presented to the public.

Dedicated to young parents, the guidebook is easy to read and contains ideas, knowledge, advice and experiences around failures and successes that accompany the raising of a child based on the long collaboration of the writer with parents as well as the thorough study of scientific bibliography.

Scientific Symposium “0-5. Parents and Children invest in the present and the future”, National Hellenic Research Foundation, May 14th 2010.

At the Symposium, which was organized by the ELIZA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, distinguished scientists from Greece and abroad, presented current data regarding the significance of the preschool age for the mental, psychological and social development of every individual, encouraged parents to speak for themselves and attempted to break the silence that still surrounds the issue of child abuse.

In total there were 270 delegates, scientists from all fields, as well as parents and the general public, who attended the event.

The Master Class that Professor Kevin Browne, Head of the Department of Forensic Psychology and Child Health at the University of Nottingham,