9 November 2020

Helping Kids Adjust to Online Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sticking to a routine and maintaining a positive attitude will help children stay grounded in these challenging times. 

Tips to help children stay healthy and get the most out of online learning

Create a schedule: Stick to routines or create new ones. Wake up in the morning at the usual time: shower, get dressed, have breakfast.

Set up a place in your home where your student can focus on schoolwork: a desk, a quiet corner.

Treat online school like real school: homework and attendance matter.

Show respect for teachers: They’ve been tasked with shifting to distance learning virtually overnight.

Get some exercise: When online school is over for the day, encourage children to play outside if they can. Enjoy the sun.

Stay connected: Playdates are out for now, but kids can still keep in touch with friends and family by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Share your feelings: Encourage children to open up about how they’re feeling and ask others how they’re doing.