Training Physicians

Medical Management of children with suspected physical abuse

For the very first time in Greece, the ELIZA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, in collaboration with the 2nd Pediatric Department of the University of Athens and the medical schools of Yale and Iowa Universities, is conducting a Training Course specifically designed for physicians,  into the management of cases of children where there is suspected physical abuse,

The Course targets physicians of all pediatric specialties, who constitute the “strongest link” in the recognition and management of children suffering from physical abuse and who are in a position to activate the necessary procedures for their protection.

Courses were held at all the 12 Pediatric University Departments of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Ioannina, Larisa, Patras and Heraklion).

The Board of Directors of ELIZA, along with its scientific team express their sincerest gratitude to the companies and organizations, which believing in the potential of this Program right from the start,  actively supported it throught the first year it took place.

Main Sponsor – OTE Group

Sponsor – Embassy of the United States of America, in Greece

Supporters – Aegean, Microsoft Hellas,

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece & The Hellenic Initiative

First nationwide network of physicians dedicated to protecting children from physical abuse

With the overall aim of creating the first nationwide network of physicians dedicated to protecting children from physical abuse, this innovative program includes the following actions:

  1. Research into and recording of the retrospective data on physical abuse of children, from the Athens Children’s Hospital “P & A Kyriakou”
  1. Training of physicians – a particularly important group of professionals who, in direct contact with incidents of abused children are in a position to activate the procedures for their protection
  1. Introduction and implementation of a protocol and detailed hospital procedure to assist physicians in the recognition and management of cases of children suffering from physical abuse
  2. Raising awareness among public authorities, physicians and professionals working in the field of child protection and welfare

The educational nature of the program, supported as it is whole-heartedly by medical professionals from all over Greece, ensures a long-term impact on the lives of hundreds of children, thus laying the foundation for a better future.


The program is based on the “Train-the-Trainer” approach; a core group of pediatricians serving at University Pediatric Departments will be trained to train a wider group of physicians of all specialties (i.e. intensive care specialists, surgeons, orthopedics, ophthalmologists) under the supervision of the  ELIZA team, which consists of experts in the fields of medicine, psychology and law.

This method has multiple benefits since it ensures:

  • widespread participation
  • accurate dissemination of information
  • long-term effectiveness in terms of intervention

Most importantly, it alters the way that physicians comprehend and handle the phenomenon of child abuse.

Topics & Trainers' Group

The 2nd Pediatric Department of the University of Athens at the P. & A. Kyriakou Children’s Hospital and the ELIZA team, in collaboration with the medical schools of Yale and Iowa Universities have developed a comprehensive training program, covering all aspects of the phenomenon of child abuse. Specifically, the following topics are addressed:

  1. Definition of child abuse and neglect: risk factors / epidemiology
  2. General diagnostic approach
  3. Abusive Head Trauma
  4. Skin injuries and bruises
  5. Burns and visceral traumas
  6. Fractures
  7. Protocol / Legal aspect of child abuse
  8. Case presentations


Trainers’ Group

Dr. John Mishel Leventhal M.D.Q. Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. Director of the Child Abuse Programs and Child Abuse Prevention Programs. President of the Ray Helfer Society, an international honorary society for physicians who are leaders in the field of child abuse prevention.

Dr. Resmiye Oral, MD: Professor of Pediatrics, board-certified expert in child abuse pediatrics. Director of the Child Protection Program at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Maria Tsolia, M.D. : Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Chair of the Second Department of Pediatrics at the University of Athens at the “P. & A. Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Alexandra Soldatou, M.D., Ph.D. : Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at the University of Athens Medical School. American Board of Pediatrics certification in General Pediatrics.

Aphrodite Stathi: Executive Director of ELIZA, Psychology Graduate, MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology – London School of Economics & Political Sciences.

Dr. Elektra Koutsoukou: Legal advisor, specialising in children’s rights. Scientific assistance at the University of Peloponnese.

Dr. Tinia Apergi: Clinical Psychologist/ Professor of Psychology ACG School of Graduate and Professional Education.

Bilio Paouri : Pediatrician / Clinical & Research Fellow of the 2nd Pediatric Clinic of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

National Footprint

During the first year, the program followed three consecutive phases:

Α. Seminar in Athens: May, 31 – June, 2 2016

20 pediatricians from the 12 University pediatric clinics of Greece attended an exclusive seminar, to enable them to act as trainers from then onwards. The 3-day educational seminar were conducted by professors nationally and globally acknowledged.
Β. Training Course in Athens: June, 3 2016

The 20 trainer- pediatricians were responsible for training physicians working at hospitals in the Greater Metropolitan area of Athens under the supervision of experts from the medical schools of Yale, Iowa and the University of Athens.

C. Regional training seminars : June, 2016 – November, 2016

The 20 trainers-pediatricians passed what they have learned to their colleagues in their respective cities (Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Ioannina, Larisa, Patras and Heraklion), in collaboration with the project team.

Regional training seminars dates

  • September, 17, 2016 – Thessaloniki
  • September, 28, 2016 – Heraklion
  • October, 8, 2016 – Alexandroupoli
  • October, 14, 2016 – Athens
  • December, 3, 2016 – Ioannina
  • Feb, 9, 2017 – Larissa
  • Feb, 15, 2017 – Patras