20 February 2024

ELIZA – NGO of the Year 2021 in the category “Child Protection”

ELIZA warmly thanks the awards committee for honoring ELIZA in a category it has been advocating for since 2008, with the aim of preventing child abuse and neglect before it permanently injures their adult lives.

This is precisely why we train doctors, police officers, prosecutors, and all those who work with children to recognize the signs of abuse and intervene effectively.

This is precisely why we created the 1st Hospital Unit for Abused Children in Greece, at Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, and soon we will deliver a second Unit at Attikon Hospital. We make every effort to expand the Units to all university pediatric clinics across the country.

The award we received gives us strength to continue our efforts, to reach every corner of Greece, preventing abuse, intervening rapidly to save lives.

Among our immediate plans is finally changing society’s perception of child abuse.

We all must accept that child abuse and neglect exist! And we all must do something about it!

We, as ELIZA, will do everything possible to bring you all together for a common purpose: Eradicating violence against children. Those of you who are ready to mobilize, come closer to us. Become helpful members and be part of the solution that will give children the childhood they deserve.