On the top- volunteers

Max Nijhof – student, 19 y.o. Aidan Mitchell – pupil, 17 y.o. Socrates Alafouzos-  Αctor/director. Katerina Dimitrakopoulou – Digital PR & Communications Specialist, 38 y.o. Giota Spiliotopoulou –  Media Relations & PR specialist, 32 y.o. Aspasia Dania- English teacher, 69 y.o.

Bottom – Administrative Team

Roza – Liza Lykourezou, Director of the NGO “one child, one world” / collaboration with ELIZA for VIMA. Aphrodite Stathi, ELIZA Executive Director.


At ELIZA volunteers are people of various ages and professions, ranging from high school students helping in sports events like the Athens Authentic Marathon to communication specialists who help in the organization of events or the implementation of our programs.

Volunteering is a way of life,  especially in Greece, where it has started developing more systematically and has begun to be accepted as a social value. We can all lend a hand in order to change the life of children who have been victims of abuse or neglect and ultimately feel the change in our life by improving theirs.

At ELIZA we have already started the process of informing and reaching out to volunteers in order to engage them in our programs more effectively. The fields of voluntary work will be defined according to our programs and also the areas of specialization and interest of each volunteer.

Fill in the application here to become a member of our family.