Our Collaborators

Έτοιμοι να συνδράμουν σε κάθε μας δράση, μας καθοδηγούν, ώστε πάντοτε μαζί να προσφέρουμε το καλύτερο δυνατό σε ευάλωτα παιδιά και σε οικογένειες

Committed fellow-travellers

From the very first day of ELIZA’s operation, there has always been a circle of committed fellow-travellers by our side at every one of our steps; at every challenge we are called upon to face.

Always ready to participate in all of our actions with endless energy and experience, ELIZA’s collaborators guide us so that together we can offer the best possible support to vulnerable children and families.

Their contribution has been and remains invaluable and vital for every one of our actions and our work as a whole.