The ELIZA Family

The people of ELIZA are all looking in the same direction, all striving to prevent violence against children, all carrying the same message: “Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse.” In order to ensure that our goal is achieved we are following many different directions, informing, educating, building structures for the identification of abuse. For the people at ELIZA early prevention and identification of abuse is the most important step towards a healthy adult life.

Board of Directors

Marina Karella
Founder & President
Prince Michael of Greece
Founder & Honorary Member
Lia Georgopoulou
Vice President
Daphne Economou
General Secretary
Christina Kyriakopoulou
Honorary Treasurer
Anna Andreadi
Ileana Makri
Dolla Nomikou
Ioanna Paicos
Niki Psarafti - Boutari
Aliki Papagianni
Deputy Member
Myrto Nielsen
Scientific Counselor

Our office

Eleni Athanasiadi
Head of Secretariat
Dimitris Grigoriadis
Project Manager
Elina Koutromanou
Program Administration Officer
Vanna Marketaki
Strategy Manager
Emy Ntotsika
Communications Manager
Aphrodite Stathi
Executive Director

The Scientific Team

Every step we take at ELIZA is designed and implemented following our collaboration with experienced specialists, scientists dedicated to the proper protection of vulnerable children and families. ELIZA thanks them all warmly for the knowledge they impart daily, but also for their vision which acts as a beacon, illuminating our every action.

Leda Anagnostaki, Psychologist/Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents, Assistant Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Tinia Apergi, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist/Associate Professor of Psychology, American College of Greece (ACG)

Olga Themeli, Assistant Professor of Criminal Psychology

Elektra Koutsoukou, Dr. of Children’s Rights, Lawyer, Scientific Collaborator at the University of the Peloponnese.

Marina Martinou, PhD Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Scientific Collaborator for the organization “Together for the Child.”

Alexandros Panos, Paediatrician, 2nd University Paediatric Department, “P. & A. Kyriakou.” Athens Children’s Hospital

Alexandra Soldatou, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, Medical Faculty of the University of Athens, “P. & A. Kyriakou,” Athens Children’s Hospital, Head of the Child Safety Care Unit