How long will you wait before you speak?

ELIZA placed particular emphasis on the communication of the ELIZA Line 10454. With the message “How long will you wait before speaking,” it made a coordinated effort to raise awareness among the public and especially professionals working with children about the necessity of reporting and not concealing cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.

The dissemination of this message was carried out through television, radio, social media, metro, buses, and trolleys.

Specifically, informational and awareness-raising posters were created and distributed to 2,500 locations where professionals interact with children and may encounter a case of abuse or neglect, such as schools, childcare centers, pediatric clinics, pediatric hospitals, municipalities, etc. Additionally, they were utilized for outdoor advertising (bus stops, metro, etc.), as well as on social media platforms.

ELIZA’s message was spread through social media to 1,395,976 users.

Furthermore, short videos were created featuring four professionals working closely with children. These professionals expressed their concerns about how to speak up to a HELPLINE and whether this would expose the child to greater risk. The videos were also shared on social media, reaching 1,951,717 views.

The communication campaign was also complemented by television and radio spots.

We wholeheartedly thank our partners for their contribution to shaping and disseminating the message: TEMPO OMD, ADVENGERS, The Newtons, Interbus A.E. Additionally, we thank the participants – protagonists of the posters and videos.