The National Conference: “Child Abuse and Neglect. In search of scientific knowledge. The shock of reality. The return of the symbolic” was organized by the Department of Mental Health and Social Care of the Child Health Institute, within the framework of the European research program: BECAN.

The National Conference highlighted current issues that have emerged from research, prevention, documentation and treatment of child abuse and neglect. At the same time, this gathering of the scientific and wider community explored the general phenomenon of aggressiveness and/or even violence against children in western societies, as well as in different social structures.

During one of the many interesting presentations of the conference, Dr. Helen Agathonos developed the issue of the “Shaken Baby Syndrome” and presented our new Training Pack, as a Prevention tool, regarding the disastrous consequences that shaking can cause to a baby.

To acquire this material, which includes 1 DVD and 1 CD, that could both be used as a raising-awareness and training tool, as well as a leaflet and instructions related to the above material, please contact us at 210-3231704.