Justice Initiative Greece

JUSTICE INITIATIVE joins forces in Greece with ELIZA Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse in cooperation with other organizations working for the protection of children to get justice and the states official apology for the people who suffered abuse in their childhood while living under the care of the state, church or other institutions.

Europe’s fundamental values, respect for human dignity, freedom and equality, justice and respect for human rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, are not being applied to thousands of children in Europe, rights which have been trampled underfoot in the past and still are to this day, for thousands more.

This violation is reflected in various ways in the daily life of an institution and is the repetition and continuation of the abuse that the child has experienced within the family itself and through forced adoption. This situation should not be acceptable.

What is the mission of the “Justice Initiative” in Greece?

The Justice Initiative is a European movement with a vision to stop child abuse, to recognize and acknowledge it wherever there is, to restore justice for victims and their families, and to create prevention mechanisms and frameworks.

The Justice Initiative of Greece participates in the joint European Initiative against child abuse, in every form (physical, sexual, cultural, institutional, etc.) To this end, it launches a petition in 2023, with the participation of victims of abuse, sensitized citizens, institutional bodies, political figures, and associations.

This campaign will act as evidence of the citizens’ consensus in favor of foster care vs institutional care, the understanding that institutional care is an outdated model and lastly, the request to the State, the Council of Europe, and the EU to take all necessary measures towards de-institutionalization.

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