Police Officers

National Police Education Program

Recognizing that police officers are the individuals who should be at the forefront of protecting vulnerable children and families, Eliza has undertaken the design and implementation of the 1st National Police Education Program for managing cases of abused children. The Program has been transformed into a series of workshops covering the broader geographical areas of the country, aiming to raise awareness and train personnel of the Hellenic Police at all levels, providing answers to practical questions, solutions to everyday concerns, and valuable knowledge.

In collaboration with the Training and Human Resources Directorate of the Hellenic Police Headquarters and with the active support of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court, from 2018 to 2020, 9 face-to-face workshops (Athens, Agrinio, Chalkida, Heraklion, Tripoli, Larissa, Kozani, Thessaloniki, and Kavala) & 6 remote workshops (island Greece and Igoumenitsa) were held, training 1,486 police officers serving in 50 prefectures nationwide.

Eliza warmly thanks the GEK TERNA Group and its subsidiaries “TERNA,” “TERNA ENERGEIAKI,” and “NEA ODO,” which believed in the Program’s potential from the outset and supported it as Major Sponsors.

Thanks are also expressed to the Hellenic Police Headquarters and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court for their unwavering support at all stages of the Program’s planning and implementation.


In 2021, Eliza took the next step by creating a Protocol for Managing Incidents of Child Abuse. The Protocol aims to provide practical guidance so that each police officer can follow specific steps when encountering a case of suspected child abuse.

For this endeavor, Eliza’s team collaborated with the Directorate for Child Protection of the Hellenic Police, as well as the Prosecutor’s Office. The Protocol received approval from the Hellenic Police Headquarters, and Eliza ensured the production of 900 copies, which were distributed to 900 departments across mainland and island Greece.
As part of its practical contribution to the police force, our organization also donated 11 computers to police departments throughout the country.

Eliza warmly thanks the GEK TERNA Group of Companies for their long-standing trust and support they provide us.