20 February 2024

PRESS RELEASE_The operation of the ELIZA 10454 helpline has started

Talk to us. Because children are the responsibility of us all.


Starting from July 1st, ELIZA launched the operation of the ELIZA Helpline 10454, which:

  • wishes to help professionals who work with children and become aware, or suspect, that a child is being neglected and/or emotionally, physically or sexually abused.
  • wishes to protect children, providing callers with a framework and answering their queries about legal and procedural matters relating to reporting incidents of child neglect and/or abuse.
  • offers psychological support for investigating a case where there is suspicion of neglect and/or abuse, responding to the incident in the right way, and potentially reporting it.



 ELIZA Helpline 10454

Since 2016, ELIZA has been investing in the education of a wide range of professionals who are on the frontline of child protection on a daily basis, through national training programs aimed at the timely recognition and appropriate management of abuse cases.

As of July 1st, ELIZA continues to provide training and support to professionals while enhancing their position through the establishment and operation of the national helpline, ELIZA 10454.

The helpline is a natural extension of ELIZA’s efforts to raise awareness and mobilize individuals who are close to children, ensuring that incidents are prevented and addressed promptly and effectively.

Doctors, educators, coaches, babysitters, professionals from various specialties who are in close proximity to children can call the ELIZA 10454 helpline if they suspect that a child is being abused. ELIZA also provides support to individuals who are temporarily in proximity to children, such as camp counselors.

The ELIZA 10454 helpline was created and operates with the valuable sponsorship of the gold sponsor “DEI” and the major sponsor “The Hellenic Initiative,” as well as the contribution of the supporter “COSMOTE.”

The Purpose

The ELIZA 10454 helpline aims to provide psychological support and guidance to individuals who interact with children, primarily through their professional roles, such as educators, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and childcare providers. These individuals bear additional responsibility for child protection, both within the organizations they work for and within the professional institutions they represent.

People who work closely with children, whether as professionals (such as educators, coaches, doctors) or as volunteers (such as camp counselors), and who call the ELIZA 10454 helpline, are personally supported to manage their own thoughts, doubts, actions, and reactions. They are guided on how to respond to the situation they are facing.

Guidance is provided on procedural legal matters (implementation of protocols, reporting procedures, specialized handling of cases by professionals). Callers are given directions on how to report incidents of suspected child abuse, including the names and contact details of relevant agencies to whom they can make their report.

Callers receive counseling regarding the application of protocols specific to different situations of suspected child abuse. The professionals at the ELIZA helpline offer callers basic guiding principles regarding legally prescribed procedures, clarifying the “mandatory” nature of reporting in certain cases.

Marina Karela, President of the ELIZA Board of Directors, states: “The ELIZA 10454 helpline emerged as a natural consequence of our goal, which is nothing other than the prevention of child abuse and early intervention so that the child can be relieved of abuse as soon as possible and develop without trauma. The operators of the helpline, with empathy, experience, and knowledge, will provide the necessary guidance to callers who are concerned about a child who may be abused or neglected and will calmly guide them to the next step for the benefit of the child.”

Sophia Dimtsa, Director of Corporate Relations & Communications at DEI, says: “DEI stands by your side for the enormous work you offer to support and care for children, informing all stakeholders and assisting their families in a particularly difficult period. In this context, DEI, through the ‘One with the Child / One with the Future’ initiative, which has been running for the 2nd year, continues to support ELIZA, helping to establish the counseling hotline for abuse issues 104 54. We wish your work to continue smoothly and your humanitarian vision to strengthen day by day.”

Tina Courpas, Executive Director of The Hellenic Initiative, adds: “The Hellenic Initiative is proud to support ELIZA in their important work on behalf of Greece’s children. The hotline will provide much-needed crisis relief to the children directly affected. It is also part of ELIZA’s larger goals of making systemic change to the medical, legal, educational, and social systems that underlie this issue.”

Stavroula Angelopoulou, Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility at OTE Group, notes: “COSMOTE has been standing by ELIZA for the past seven years, supporting its valuable efforts to raise awareness and vigilance among children, educators, and parents on issues of sexual abuse. Through our network and utilizing technology, we implement useful solutions, such as the 10454 helpline, which provides simple and accessible advice, psychological support, and empowerment to those in close proximity to endangered children. By supporting such initiatives, we create synergies that contribute to a world better for everyone.”

Are you near a child you feel is at risk?

Do you suspect that it is being neglected or abused?

Do you need advice, support, guidance?

Do you want to learn what to do and how to protect it?

ELIZA HELPLINE 10454 helps you protect the child near you