World Day 2023

On November 19, 2023, in commemoration of the World Day Against Child Abuse, Eliza organized an event titled “Don’t Close (My) Eyes” at the Athens Concert Hall.

As part of the event, the award-winning film “Through the Eyes of Dalva” was screened. The film addresses the sexual abuse of a girl by her father, her struggle to recognize the abuse she was subjected to, and her “fight” as she “returns” to her lost childhood.

Following the film screening, a discussion took place regarding the prevention, proper management, and restoration of the child in the context of child sexual abuse. The panelists included Lida Anagnostaki (Psychologist/Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents, Assistant Professor at TEAPI/University of Athens), Tina Apergi (Clinical Psychologist/Professor of Psychology, American College of Greece ACG), Electra Koutsoukou (Child Rights Lawyer, Attorney, Scientific Collaborator at the University of Peloponnese), George Nicolaides (Psychiatrist, MD, MA, MSc, PhD Director of the Mental Health and Social Welfare Directorate, Center for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, Children’s Health Institute), and Alexandra Soldatou (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, 2nd Pediatric Clinic, University of Athens, “P. & A. Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital, Head of Child Safety Care Unit, Scientific Collaborator at Eliza).

Additionally, Eliza and the National Art Gallery joined forces once again by illuminating part of the building’s façade with the kind permission of the Director of the National Art Gallery, Mrs. Syrago Tsiara. The artwork created specifically for the World Day depicted a girl playing the “game” of blind man’s bluff. The blindfold hides from the child’s eyes the realization of what is happening to her, the reality, with the message being spread: “Don’t Close (My) Eyes”.