Become a donor


Corporate Social Responsibility involves voluntary activities undertaken or promoted by an organization or company aiming at social contribution.

Up to now, several companies have supported ELIZA via activities such as:

  • Direct sponsorships
  • Donation of part of earnings from sales of the company’s goods or services
  • Contribution from theatre performances
  • Direct donation of goods to children in need
  • Support of specific programs and projects

There are many ways for a company or organization to contribute to the protection of children in Greece against abuse or neglect. At ELIZA we are αt the disposal of companies that demonstrate sensitivity to these issues in order to plan together corporate social responsibility activities that can offer abused children a better future.

Contact ELIZA today and find out how your company can contribute to the protection of endangered  children .


ELIZA relies exclusively on you and there is a lot to be done to protect children.

  • Direct bank deposit

You can help us support children in need via a direct bank deposit to the account of ELIZA Society.

  • Wedding or christening dedicated to ELIZA

The most important moments of your life can become the most beautiful way to help children in need. Your wedding or christening ceremony is a great opportunity to choose donations instead of gifts, attributing to this new beginning the symbolism behind an action of love and giving.

The procedure is simple:

  1. You inform your guests that they have the option to make a donation, instead of a gift, in support of ELIZA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children via a bank deposit to the accounts of the Society, mentioning that it is essential to put their name as identification.
  2. We notify you of the names of the depositors and the respective amounts, in order to confirm the donations for your wedding or christening.
  3. Following your confirmation, we send you a thank you letter officially listing all donations along with a thank you letter and receipt to all donors, on behalf of the Board of Directors of ELIZA.

For any further information, you can contact our secretariat at 0030 210 3231704.

We are truly grateful to couples who have already chosen to support us in this way.