20 February 2024

On World Day Against Child Abuse, the Eliza Society and Cinobo invite you to the Athens Concert Hall.


A true story. A live discussion. A real phenomenon.

Eliza and Cinobo – the Greek streaming platform specializing in cinema, join forces to raise awareness and mobilize public opinion on the phenomenon of child abuse.

Starting with the award-winning film “DALVA” and on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Abuse on November 19, Eliza is organizing a film screening and discussion event aimed at raising awareness of the phenomenon of child sexual abuse.

The film deals with the sexual abuse of a girl by her father. It’s an abuse that the child herself doesn’t realize until the day the event is revealed, and the child finds the path to restoration and “return” to the childhood she deserves.

Following the film, the issue of sexual abuse will be discussed from the perspective of prevention and proper management and restoration of the child who experiences it, in our country. The discussion, brief and concise, will be based on five questions and corresponding answers.

How does a child perceive the sexual abuse to which they are subjected? How is the phenomenon of abuse prevented? Who can intervene early and how? In what way can the scientific community help recognize the signs of abuse, and what should be the course of action for the coordinated State to avoid re-traumatization of the child victim of abuse? When and how should the mental health of the child victim of sexual violence be restored?

Five scientists in the field of child protection, collaborators of the Eliza Society, are expected to provide corresponding answers. This discussion with the audience will help form a first impression of what is happening in Greece regarding the phenomenon of child abuse, its re-traumatization, systematic child abuse, and the best practices that can be applied to restore childhood trauma.

The film screening will take place with the kind permission of Cinobo for the first public screening, and from November 23, it will be shown in cinemas.

The Alexandra Trianti Hall of the Athens Concert Hall will be the ideal venue for Eliza not only for the screening of the awareness-raising film but also for the discussion that will follow.

The movie: “DALVA”

Discussion: How do we prevent, how do we address stories like “Dalva’s”

Where: Alexandra Trianti Hall, Athens Concert Hall.

When: Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 5:30 p.m.

Movie Duration: 87 minutes

Discussion Duration: 20 minutes

Suitable for ages 15 and up


The World Day Against Child Abuse, November 19th

Eliza Society, since 2008, has been tirelessly and systematically working towards preventing child abuse and neglect. Achieving our goal requires raising awareness among the public about the phenomenon of child neglect and abuse and its impact on their physical and mental health, as well as their social development and the negative repercussions on individuals and society when abuse occurs at a young age.

Raising public awareness can be primarily achieved through educating them on matters related to child protection and the conditions that make it problematic. Knowledge is a prerequisite for awareness and mobilization, significantly aiding in the prevention of the phenomenon by creating citizens who consciously recognize the need for a “zero tolerance policy towards child abuse”. This directive of the United Nations, included in the UN AGENDA 2030, is one that Eliza aligns with and works towards achieving.

As part of its awareness/education efforts, Eliza presents the film “DALVA” by Belgian director Emmanuelle Nicot, produced by mk2films and distributed by Cinobo. The film participated in the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and the 27th BUSAN International Film Festival 2022, receiving excellent reviews.

About Cinobo

Cinobo is the Greek streaming platform and distribution company specializing in independent and arthouse cinema. Established in 2020, it operates in Greece and Cyprus, with a vision to bring “big cinema to all screens”, by carefully curating selected cinematic content from around the world and Greece, which is often scattered or hard to find. Today, Cinobo provides access to the largest catalog of independent cinema through an extensive curated online film library for all devices. Access to the platform is available through a Smart TV application, smartphone, tablet, and via cinobo.com on computers. Users can enjoy a free trial for 14 days and thereafter, with €8.99/month, without long-term commitments, have unlimited access to the entire catalog, the ability to watch from 2 screens simultaneously, and offline viewing capabilities.

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[1] Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος Love According to Dalva

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