Safe Touches

“Safe Touches” is an innovative program with a nationwide impact for the prevention of sexual abuse of children between the ages of 5-9. On the initiative of ELIZA, the program operates with the scientific collaboration of The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), the very first child protection organisation in the world. Graduate students of the American College of Greece (ACG), under the supervision of experienced faculty clinicians, are also part of the program’s implementation.

The main goal of this program is to help young children distinguish between ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’ touches, and to learn to say NO, in order to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Puppets have a leading role in the training of children as they teach them how to protect themselves. At the end of the program, the children along with their teacher or their parent, can process what they have learnt with the activity book they are given.

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