ELIZA Helpline 10454

Talk to us. Because children are the responsibility of us all.

Are you near a child you feel is at risk?

Do you suspect that it is being neglected or abused?

Do you need advice, support, guidance?

Do you want to learn what to do and how to protect it?

ELIZA HELPLINE 10454 helps you protect the child near you


The aim of ELIZA HELPLINE 10454

ELIZA HELPLINE 10454 wishes to help professionals who work with children and become aware, or suspect, that a child is being neglected and/or emotionally, physically or sexually abused.

ELIZA HELPLINE 10454 wishes to protect children, providing callers with a framework and answering their queries about legal and procedural matters relating to reporting incidents of child neglect and/or abuse.

ELIZA HELPLINE 10454 offers psychological support for investigating a case where there is suspicion of neglect and/or abuse, responding to the incident in the right way, and potentially reporting it.


Psychological Support and Guidance

Guidance on procedural legal issues (implementation of protocols, reporting procedure/competent authority, special cases - management of alleged incidents by professionals)

Working Hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 20:00

The Helpline Team

Elektra Koutsoukou - Co-ordinator

Elena Loizou

Confidentiality Statement

Information on the HELPLINE offering counselling support to professionals and parents, 10454

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