Hospital-based child protection Units

Hospital-based child protection Units

It is established that the needs of children at risk of abuse/neglect require the coordination and collaboration of protection teams within the hospital.

The Objectives of the Units:

  • Early detection, comprehensive assessment, and medical care of children experiencing any form of abuse/neglect.
  • Collaboration with any professional necessary to address the individualized needs of children and their families.
  • Timely information to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Units represent the first hospital spaces in Greece for:

  • Examination and monitoring of infants and children with suspected abuse/neglect.
  • Coordination of interdisciplinary care, involving all professional teams tasked with managing abuse cases, e.g., doctor, nurse, social worker, mental health professional, forensic specialist, police, etc.
  • Development of written protocols/directives for identifying and managing cases of abused/neglected children.
  • Design of primary and secondary prevention research/education programs for abuse.
  • Data collection for designing and implementing scientifically supported prevention and management strategies for cases of child abuse/neglect.

According to international standards, the Units have a clinic suitably designed and child-friendly for examining children, as well as a meeting and working space for all involved in their care.

1st Child Safety Care Unit at P. & A. Kyriakou Children's Hospital

2nd Child Safety Care Unit at Attikon Hospital

Child Safety Care Unit in Alexandroupolis

Child Safety Care Unit in Thessaloniki