Word Day 2022

The ELIZA and the National Gallery joined forces to spread a message-reminder from children to the adult world, to all of us. With the request “I AM IN YOUR HANDS. PROTECT ME.”, a boy and a girl, digital creations, stood “against” us with a demand-plea, with the implicit reminder of the individual and collective responsibility that each adult has towards all children.

The poster was created free of charge for ELIZA by the creative team of the advertising company The Newtons Laboratory and was displayed for 3 consecutive days, November 18 – European Day against Child Sexual Exploitation, November 19 – World Day against Child Abuse, and November 20 – World Day for Children’s Rights, from 7pm to 11pm, in the special projection area of ​​the National Gallery facade, with the kind permission of the Director of the National Gallery, Ms. Syrago Tsiara.