Kindergarten Teachers

Program for Kindergarten Teachers for the Prevention of Child Neglect and Abuse “Recognize – Protect”

Based on the mandatory nature of preschool education (pre-kindergarten and kindergarten), as well as the legal obligation of educators at each school level to report incidents of suspected abuse/neglect (Law 3500/16, article 23), Eliza has designed, under the scientific guidance of Dr. George Nicolaides, Director of the Child Health Institute, Dr. Lida Anagnostaki, Associate Professor at the School of Early Childhood Education of the University of Athens, and Dr. Electra Koutsoukou, Legal Advisor, PhD in Children’s Rights, an innovative training program for recognizing and managing cases of alleged child abuse for preschool educators (kindergarten teachers).

The innovation of the program lies in the fact that the educational material will be developed following relevant research, identifying the specific needs of the population of kindergarten teachers (needs assessment).

During the initial pilot phase of the Kindergarten Teachers Program for the prevention of child neglect and abuse, it is expected that 1650 kindergarten teachers will benefit, and subsequently, all preschool education educators in the country (approximately 16,500).

The training will be free of charge and will have a total duration of 15 hours – 12 hours of asynchronous training and 3 hours of synchronous training.

The program will target all pre-kindergarten and kindergarten educators, in all public kindergartens nationwide. Upon completion of the training of all interested kindergarten teachers over a two-year period, all materials will be digitized and available for use by the entire population of preschool educators, thereby providing the opportunity for all future kindergarten teachers to attend the program.

The program “Recognize – Protect” is implemented with the strategic cooperation of Piraeus Bank and is part of its comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program “EQUALL.”

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